Apple Brings Back Their Low-Cost iPhone SE

Apple announced on 15/04/2020 a second version of the iPhone SE. Rumored for months with different names, including iPhone 9 and iPhone SE 2, the budget phone has some of the best iPhone 11 features, including wireless charging into an iPhone 8 body. Apple didn’t hold a traditional event due to the coronavirus pandemic and instead announced the new iPhone in a press release — so we’ll need to wait until we can review it to determine whether it’s a good phone.
But based on what Apple showed off this week, the new SE wisely follows the successful recipe for the original 2016 version, giving it a lot of promise. And it looks like the best second edition of Apple iPhone SE.

Image Credit : Apple

Budget iPhone SE is the most affordable Apple phone

Apple providing a fresh option for consumers looking for a lower-priced phone. iPhone SE, which starts at $399(rs.30,500) approximately, is more akin to the iPhone 8 than the previous SE. It boasts a pocket-friendly 4.7-inch display and a back-from-extinction Home button. But while those features may give it a retro feel, the guts of the phone are all new. Like the original when it was introduced, the new iPhone SE is the cheapest iPhone you can buy. 

iPhone SE Specification

It has a pocket-friendly 4.7-inch display and a back-from-extinction Home button. The updated SE uses Apple’s latest processor, the A13 Bionic, and new front and back cameras. These cameras, while not nearly as fancy as those on the tech giant’s flagship devices, represent a big step up from the bare-bones offerings of the original SE. The new SE comes in white, black, and red. Storage options include 64-gigabyte, 128GB, and 256GB configurations. Preorders start Friday and the phone officially goes on sale April 24.

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