India First Lands on Moon in Southern Polar Region in Most Recent Moon Race

The world’s attention was focused on India’s Chandrayaan 3 mission. On its success, there have been reactions from all over the world. The Indian Space Research Institution (ISRO) has received congratulations from NASA, the greatest space research institution in the world. It was described as an unparalleled success for India by media outlets worldwide. India First in South Pole Region in New Lunar Run, according to the headline in the “New York Times.” The success of Chandrayaan 3 was reported by the American daily “The New York Times” with the headline “India tops the South Pole in new race to Moon.” India’s Chandrayaan-3 mission launched a few days after the unsuccessful landing attempt. ready to begin exploring the Moon’s uncharted territory.

Washington Post said that “India comfortably lands spacecraft on lunar surface.” This is the first successful journey to the south pole of the moon, according to The Washington Post. In this area, the water is present as ice. A robotic spacecraft from India touched down on the moon on Wednesday. The accomplishment comes only days after a Russian spacecraft crashed to Earth after operating its thrusters for an excessive amount of time. Without any astronauts aboard, India’s spacecraft touched down close to the South Pole of the Moon. Many nations are interested in this region because it contains water in the form of ice in craters.

In an article titled “As It Happened: India Makes History!,” Khaleej Times (Khaleej Times) Chandrayaan-3 Makes Moon Landing. The newspaper reported: “India made history by being the first nation to reach the bare South Polar zone, following a nearly four-year-old endeavor that ended in failure. On Wednesday, an Indian lunar probe successfully touched down close to the Moon’s south pole. The mission’s technicians clapped enthusiastically and shouted their approval at this. Congratulations At its headquarters, the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) declared that Chandrayaan-3 had successfully made a soft landing on the Moon.

UK newspapers Telegraph (Telegraph) wrote – “Modi hails ‘success for humanity’ as India reaches moon’s south pole.” The Telegraph wrote – “Narendra Modi says India’s moon landing is a success” for all humanity” as it was the first nation to reach the Moon’s south pole. The Indian Prime Minister was seen joyfully waving flags as the Vikram lander touched down, saying that it will assist other nations in undertaking a similar expedition. The control room erupted in cheers and applause as the craft slipped down from the lunar surface, turned down its engines gradually, and landed. This achievement belongs to all of humanity, according to Modi, and it will support future moon missions by other nations.

The Guardian newspaper wrote – “For the first time in history, India has landed a spacecraft near the South Pole of the Moon.”

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